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Online Courses

How to Add Measurable Value as a Strategic Advisor

Online Course Through IABC

Many human resources and communication professionals want to add measurable value but don’t know where to start. Some add value but want to up their game. Others try to look good by “doing stuff” rather than by making a real impact. Astute leaders are losing patience. They should.

I’ve been speaking and writing about this for years, but now, in concert with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) of which I’m a lifetime fellow, I’ve created a comprehensive, four-hour, online course called “How to Add Measurable Value as a Strategic Advisor.” It’s directed squarely at those practitioners that want to give value, not notice.

The highly-interactive course teaches participants how to build trust and then meet or exceed client expectations.

I’ll take you inside a high performing organization, engage in some best practice sharing and discuss best ways to build business cases for improving value.

One of the high points is a tool I’ve used to help many of our clients get low value-added work off their plates so they can get more high-value work onto their plates.

In this fast-paced workshop filled with stories about successes and a few mistakes here and there, we’ll address:

  • Four communication styles to help us connect with everyone from engineers to artists to CEOs
  • Five consulting phases and what to do in each phase to get flawless results.
  • Keys to successful consulting—what will help us make every partnership a winning one.
  • Additional skills and knowledge that may be needed to build to become a strategic advisor or become an even better one.
  • Seven criteria for selecting a successful performance-improvement project as a strategic advisor.

You’ll then apply what you’ve learned to a real business case that helped a communication professional improve quality by 65% and productivity by 16% on the first project he undertook after learning this process.

And at the end of the course, you’ll have a specific plan to launch your new or improved role as a trusted strategic advisor.

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