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Here is what some clients have to say about the Jim Shaffer Group.

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Leading a Major Turnaround

Leading a major organizational and cultural turnaround is never easy. But Jim Shaffer’s advice and experience has been invaluable in helping our leadership team provide proper focus and direction, increase employee engagement and most importantly, take business performance to unprecedented levels.

David Rabuano Vice President of Commercial and Industrial Business, Owens Corning November 2, 2015

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You Have a Long List of Success Stories

I know you have a long list of success stories and that's why I wanted to make this work. I realize we were not a guinea pig on a "new" idea that you were testing. This has been successful in many other companies and I did not want to be on the side of failure with a proven method.

Mike Warmuth Senior Vice President, Abbott November 2, 2015

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Help Reducing the Operating Budget

Jim's approach is driven by and leads to real and meaningful business outcomes. One session with Jim provided me with enough ideas to shave 3% from our total operating budget… plus I'm a better communicator.

Mark Weiner CEO, PRIME Research November 2, 2015

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Targeted Performance Improvements

Jim opened our eyes to the value of managing the operational and people aspects of the business to influence leadership and employee performance. His leadership and counsel on targeted safety, quality and productivity improvement initiatives in our supply chain have delivered results that exceeded anyone's expectations.

Bob Kula Vice President Corporate Communication, Kiewit Corporation November 2, 2015

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Impeccable Integrity Who Delivers on His Commitments

Jim is one of the most seasoned, wise, and fundamentally decent professionals with whom I have ever worked. The breadth of his experience is truly astonishing, and he has been disciplined in gleaning lessons from his experience. That, in turn, is the source of his considerable wisdom. And if that weren’t enough, he is a man of impeccable integrity, who delivers on his commitments without fail, and is a pleasure to work with.

Laurie Bassi CEO, McBassi & Company November 2, 2015

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A Trusted Advisor to Me

It didn’t take long to realize that Jim would become a trusted advisor to me. His 30+ years of high level management consulting, especially in the area of change management, are fuel for a wealth of case studies on how communication professionals turned their practices from delivering “stuff” to delivering value.

Kim Robbins Director, Change Management, Pfizer November 2, 2015

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One of the Most Creative Consultants I’ve Ever Met

I have known and worked with Jim since we were colleagues at Towers Perrin in the 1980s. He is the consummate professional and one of the most creative consultants I've ever met. He has the unique ability to get to the root cause of business problems and to offer solid counsel for their solution. As a business thinker and partner, he has few, if any, peers.

Roger D’Aprix Leader, D’Aprix & Company November 2, 2015

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The Best When it Comes to Driving Business Results

Jim is the best when it comes to driving real business results. He relentlessly encourages us to focus our work on only the activities that the customer is willing to pay for, and through that, helps eliminate superfluous activities that can bog down communication teams. He uses proven tools and strategies, and he is terrific at teaching his approach to others. He is a very strong partner.

Teresa Paulsen Former Vice President Communications and External Relations, ConAgra Foods November 2, 2015

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Takes Businesses to Places They Haven’t Been

His original and creative thinking often sheds new light on age-old issues business leaders face, but he is equally adept at using new technologies and ideas to wrestle with some of today's unique business challenges. Jim's years of experience in consulting to some of the top global corporations have cemented his ability to take businesses places they haven't been before.

Angela Buonocore Former Senior Vice President, Xylem November 2, 2015

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More Measurable Value to FedEx

After conducting a comprehensive assessment of our department’s work, Jim Shaffer helped us successfully navigate a new course that adds more measurable value to FedEx. Jim is helping us build the department’s capability to make a results-focused approach our new way of life.

Mike Kolasinski Director of Internal Communication, FedEx Express November 2, 2015