Do You Have a Say/Do Gap? Are You Sure?

“Your actions speak so loudly I can hardly hear what you’re saying.”

That’s what one young woman told her supervisor. “You’re confusing me,” she told him. “One minute you’re discussing the importance of improving our team’s work quality,” she said. “But almost in the same breath you’re telling me there isn’t any money to train our team so they can improve. There’s a big say/do gap here.”

In this silly U.S. political season, it’s easy for candidates to get caught in the say/do gap rut.  “I promised one thing but I delivered something else.” Oops! A say/do gap.

Gaps between saying one thing and doing another are everywhere in many organizations, almost always created by leaders, the most powerful communication source in any organization.

People listen to what leaders say and watch what they do. When leaders say and do the same thing, people are more apt to decide and act in ways that help the business succeed. If the say and do communication are at odds, people become confused and performance suffers.

For this reason, I’ve written Walk the Talk©, a free guide to 50 specific actions that have helped good leaders make sure that what they say and do are consistent with successfully executing their business strategies.WalkTheTalk cover 180x300 - Do You Have a Say/Do Gap? Are You Sure?

Download Walk the Talk© for your tablet or e-reader, or print it out.

If you want to build walk the talk into your leadership development program, I’d be glad to discuss ways you can do it successfully.

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  1. A CEO must be able to clearly define the define the objectives of the company to hos employees, and to make his strategy very clear to then but above all give them a sense of belonging

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