Walk the Talk

Say/do gaps are everywhere in many organizations.  We say one thing. We do another. We say quality is important but all of our measurements are focused on productivity. We say speed is important but require an inordinate number of signatures to get anything done.  We say safety is important but overlook hazards as long as it keeps the workflow moving.

WalkTheTalk cover 180x300 - Walk the Talk

Walk the Talk© is a guide to 50 specific actions that I have seen help good leaders make sure that what they say and do are consistent with successfully executing their business strategies.   You can download Walk the Talk© for your tablet, e-reader, or print it out using the links below.

If you want to build walk the talk into your leadership development program, I’m happy to discuss ways you can do it successfully.

Download the epub version

Download the mobi version:

Download the pdf version:  Walk the Talk – Jim Shaffer


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