Jim’s Reading List

People frequently ask me: In this busy world what should I be reading to ground myself in business issues and remain current on the latest thinking?

For the past 10 years or so I’ve distributed my suggested reading list to clients who are looking for professional growth and to people who attend our workshops.

What follows is my newly updated reading list. I’ve divided it into some broad categories.

  • Foundational Works: Classics that lie at the core of leading a successful organization.
  • Strategy: The what and why of business strategy formulation and execution.
  • Leadership, People and Communication: The softer side of business. Soft is hard.
  • Transformational change and Lean Six Sigma: Core thinking, processes, tools and techniques got managing change and large and small scale performance improvement.
  • Specific concepts and disciplines such as marketing, organizational research and creativity.

I hope you find the following selections helpful. Click here for a PDF of my suggested reading.