Case Studies

Those who regularly read The Leadership Report often ask me how the problems I describe were fixed, so here are some short case studies of how things were solved.

I hope you will enjoy these studies and benefit from others’ experiences.  Each case number has a link to its own page where you can leave a comment or question.  I welcome your  feedback.

Case #1: Reducing damage in a major distribution center

The Challenge

One of North America’s biggest logistics companies needed to reduce costs created by excessive damage in one of its large distribution centers.

The company asked the Jim Shaffer Group to assess the amount and root causes of the current damage and develop and implement a strategy to reduce damage while not adversely affecting productivity.   Read more…

Case #2: Making Lean stick as a way of life

The Challenge

The CEO of a high tech engineering company was frustrated because his company’s Lean Six Sigma efforts weren’t producing acceptable results, nor were they sustainable.

Many Lean Six Sigma efforts focus on measures, formulas, mechanics, housekeeping and moving machines and work stations around—the hard side of business.  What they often exclude is the people factor and the cultural shifts that are needed to grow the business and sustain improvements, the soft side of business.     Read more...

Case #3:  Creating a business of business people

The Challenge

The plant leader of a manufacturing company conducts regular town hall meetings that are well attended. But, they didn’t use to connect the dots for the employees.  Employees attended the meetings, liked what they heard but didn’t know how the information related to them.  One told us, “He talks about our goals and plans but when I go back to my workplace I don’t know what to do differently to help achieve those goals.”

The plant leader asked us to connect the dots and we did.  Read more…