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I work hard to find newness in business books. But a lot of them are old ideas repackaged. Or as management author and consultant Gary Hamel has said, “The average business book is just a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article with extra examples and the average HBR article is a good PowerPoint presentation with extra prose.” As an author I know how right he is.

But Good Company is very much the exception.

Laurie Bassi and her co-authors have raised the bar that was set 30 years ago with In Search of Excellence. And it’s pushed the whole concept of the value profit chain introduced in the late nineties to the next level.

Good Company
says that a new combination of forces not only requires companies to be good to their people and their customers, but also to be stewards of their communities. These forces include the explosion of online information, an emergence of the ethical consumer and the arrival of the civic-minded Millennials.

The authors believe people are choosing the companies in their lives in the same way they choose the guests they invite into their homes. They want the companies they do business with to be good company.

Good Company offers powerful research, lively stories and a gutsy rating of the Fortune 100 companies that’s apt to improve the business world…for the good.

If you lead a Fortune 100 company, you might start with Chapter 6, see how you’re ranked and then decide what you should do next.

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