Manage Communication for Results and Value

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Add Value and Measurable Results by Managing Communication as a Strategic Advisor

Learn to integrate your communication skills with business and financial acumen to give you what it takes to bring serious, strategic value to your leadership team and the rest of the organization.  You’ll deserve a huge compensation lift.

February 26-27, 2019
Dallas, Texas
Hosted by AT&T

Who doesn’t want to earn more money at a job they love?

This workshop will provide an interactive platform for communication professionals to learn how to find and capture significant revenue for their organization, which can lead to increased personal compensation as well as budget allocation increase for the function.

Join Jim Shaffer, internationally recognized business advisor, leadership coach, author, speaker and leader of the Jim Shaffer Group for this 2-day live event, in the corporate offices of AT&T in DallasJim will be assisted by Dave Jackson and Anna Roach, two former clients  and communication professionals who saw their careers transform as a result of learning this method.

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After taking this course, Dave was able to help his organization reduce OSHA recordable incidents by 50% in one plant- something he had before never considered possible in the communication function.

Communication breakdowns hurt quality, service, revenues and costs. Top communication pros like Dave are eliminating those breakdowns so business results improve. And they’re getting credit for being full strategic business partners who add value.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • How to link the communication strategy to the business strategy to drive results that matter
  • How to ask the right questions, identify the right business measures and develop and execute plans that create real ROI
  • The fundamentals of consulting and ways to lift your role from producing activities to generating business results
  • Examples from top communication pros who shifted their work away from adding more activity to generating big-time results that improve important stuff like quality, service, costs, speed, and safety
  • Identify the right business goals and what drives those goals
  • Map processes, analyze problems and identify priority actions that will generate the most gain
  • Gather and analyze data in a way that even those who are petrified of numbers will feel at home

Additionally, you’ll better understand how to drive results with these tools:

  • A step-by-step process for safely transforming your function to one that’s highly valued for its quantifiable contributions to your organization’s bottom line
  • Ways to conduct a comprehensive, business-focused assessment of your communication function and process throughout your organization
  • A proven process for enlisting your leadership team’s complete support for this new business-like approach to managing communication—starting with your CEO
  • Specific steps you can take to start becoming an important strategic advisor to your leadership team today.

“I attended one of Jim’s strategic communication workshops and my life was changed forever. That single program inspired, excited and motivated me as never before, and it solidified my passion for the communication field.”

—Chris Johnson, ABC, IRS

Jim will guide you and your workshop partners through a step-by-step process to reinvent your function from a cost center to a value creator. He’ll be beside you as you begin building a plan that will win the support of your senior leadership. AND, he’ll be there for you when you return home to make sure your post-workshop questions are answered—at no extra charge.

Registration is $2,499, but you can save $400 with the Early Bird special if you register before January 14, 2019.

BONUS ITEM:  Jim will be available via telephone for 2 hours of individual coaching after the workshop to help you get your first project started – a $900 value!

Jim will help you build a fact-based set of recommendations for your CEO that will be bullet proof.  Then he’ll invite you to sell your recommendations to him as he plays the role of your CEO. He will gently challenge you with questions your CEO is guaranteed to ask.

As one workshop participant said: “If you can sell your case to Jim you can sell it to anyone. It seems like he’s heard every argument every CEO has ever put up.”

By transforming yourself into a highly-valued strategic advisor and shifting your work processes to performance-based output versus cost-center functionality, you will have the right formula for increasing your ROI and your paycheck.

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Here are your workshop leaders.

Jim Shaffer

Jim Shaffer - Manage Communication for Results and Value
Jim Shaffer

Jim Shaffer is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker and author on improving business performance, including helping guide lean six sigma transformations.

Jim leads the Jim Shaffer Group, a team of seasoned advisors to leaders of organizations who want to improve performance through better strategy execution.

Prior to starting the Jim Shaffer Group, Jim was a principal, vice president and global leader of a Towers Perrin center of excellence. He was one of the architects and leading practitioners of the firm’s change management consulting practice.

His book, The Leadership Solution (McGraw-Hill), immediately became a classic treatise on leadership, change management and creating high performance organizations.

Jim received the International Association of Business Communicators’ prestigious Fellow award, the highest honor IABC bestows on an individual and acknowledges outstanding leadership and professional accomplishment.

His clients have included: Abbott, AEP, Applied Materials, AstraZeneca, ConAgra Foods, Cox Enterprises, Darden Restaurants, Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil, FedEx, GlaxoSmithKline, Hallmark, Honeywell, IBM, ITT Corporation, Johnson Controls, Kellogg’s, Kiewit Corporation, Labatt, LexisNexis, Legg Mason, Lilly, The Mayo Clinic, Marriott, McKesson, Medtronic, Nordstrom, Owens Corning, PayPal, Pepsi Bottling Group, Perdue Farms, Pfizer, Renesas Electronics, Royal Bank of Canada, Textron, 3M, United Healthcare, USAA, Verizon, Visa and Westinghouse.

More information is available at Jim’s website:

Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson - Manage Communication for Results and Value
Dave Jackson

Dave Jackson is Senior MBA Admissions Officer for the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to joining McCombs in 2015, he spent 22 years in journalism, public relations and corporate communications. Dave has led internal and external communications for such companies as Mesaba Airlines, American Airlines, Celanese, ConAgra Foods and Novartis, focusing his efforts on using effective communication strategies and tools to drive change and improve business results. In addition to his admissions responsibilities at Texas McCombs, he teaches a leadership communication workshop to all working professional MBA students at the school and consults with Fortune 500 companies in a variety of roles. Dave earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, and an MBA from Texas McCombs.

Anna Roach

Anna Roach - Manage Communication for Results and Value
Anna Roach

Anna is Vice President for the Jim Shaffer Group.  Prior to joining Jim’s group in 2013, Anna gained 25 years of wisdom in public relations, marketing, internal and corporate communications.  She has led strategic communications teams during crisis and employee work stoppage, developing and implementing internal and external communications strategies to bring about resolution and rebuild employee trust.  She helped integrate employee culture and increase production quality across a diverse and fragmented workforce, using communication management process and tools.  As a member of the Jim Shaffer Group, Anna assists Jim with live events and provides her insight as someone who has been through the process and seen results.  Anna earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Murray State University in Murray, Kentucky and a master’s degree in marketing from Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri.

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What Others Say About Jim Shaffer

 “You really have helped me in my career and helped advance our function and business.”

—Courtney Reynolds, Vice President of Communication, Northwestern Mutual

“Jim’s work highlighted potential solutions for the questions my team and I had been sorting through for the past few months. I feel like I have a renewed set of options to help the team come to resolution on the issues we have in front of us.

—Diane McCaffrey,” Hallmark

“Leading a major organizational and cultural turnaround is never easy. But Jim Shaffer’s advice and experience has been invaluable in helping our leadership team provide proper focus and direction, increase employee engagement and most importantly, take business performance to unprecedented levels.”

—David Rabuano, Vice President of Commercial and Industrial Business, Owens Corning

“I highly recommend Jim Shaffer.  I’ve worked closely with Jim over the last 10-plus years on various communication and engagement improvement projects with great success.  While at Owens Corning, Jim helped us turn around our flagship manufacturing plant – a huge engagement effort!  He’s a superstar.  I’ve learned a ton from him over the years and find his approach to be very grassroots and practical.  As a bonus, Jim’s a great person and a blast to work with.”

—Kristin Kelley, Vice President Global Communication, O-I

“I’m a believer. The returns we have seen here in Lancaster largely driven by culture and employee engagement has been nothing short of staggering.  Sure, the other fundamentals of Lean have to be present but our people are the cement that holds the foundations in place.  I look forward to showing off more in person.”

—Mark Steele, Global Operations Excellence Manager, ITT Corporation

“At FedEx, I was faced with the daunting task of revitalizing our internal communications organization which had become disconnected from the day to day reality of the business. I could have chosen anybody in the world, but I asked Jim to help me transform this unit from a traditional output driven organization, to a more resilient outcome focused team dedicated to facilitating meaningful impacts that mattered most to the bottom line.”

—Eric Jackson, Owner, Arcpoint Labs and Former VP Communication, FedEx

“Jim is the best when it comes to driving real business results via the communication system. He relentlessly encourages us to focus our work on only the activities that the customer is willing to pay for, and through that, helps eliminate superfluous activities that can bog down communication teams. He uses proven tools and strategies, and he is terrific at teaching his approach to others. He is a very strong partner.”

—Teresa Paulsen, Former Vice President Corporate Communication at ConAgra Foods

“Jim’s leadership and counsel on targeted safety, quality and productivity improvement initiatives in our supply chain have delivered results that exceeded anyone’s expectations. And, most importantly, his work has made a positive difference for employees. Jim’s definitely a game changer when it comes to business performance improvement.”

—Bob Kula, Vice President Corporate Communication, Kiewit Corporation

“Jim quickly became a trusted adviser to me. His 30+ years of high level management consulting, especially in the area of change management, are fuel for a wealth of case studies on how communication professionals turned their practices from delivering “stuff” to delivering value.”

—Kim Robbins, Director, Change Management, Pfizer

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