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Welcome to my blog, Funny Business.

The blog is an outgrowth of The Leadership Report, a monthly electronic newsletter focused on improving organizational performance through strong leaders and passionate, turned-on people. The Report was an outgrowth of my book, The Leadership Solution, which was designed to help leaders improve performance by connecting people to strategy.

This blog represents a broader landscape. Rather than focusing on a couple of thematic subjects as I have in my book and the Report, I’ll address a wide range of topics connected to my world—a world of organizations, great and mediocre leaders, high performing and under-performing teams, loyal and pissed-off customers, clients looking to escape old ways and wanting to ask new questions—the world of consulting, speaking, conducting workshops and traveling via planes, trains and automobiles.

I’ll suggest new thinking and new books and articles that I view as worth your while. I’ll share best practices that may take you to new heights. We’ll cover a wide range of organization issues such as leadership, communication, involvement, goals and measurement, learning, work processes, people processes, business literacy, organization structure, open book management, rewards, recognition, six sigma, lean, engagement and more.

I’ll celebrate great leaders I know and work with and, without naming names, I’ll pick on the bizarre behavior of control freaks, organizational politicians, CYA afficionadoes, status quo guardians and those who exemplify The Peter Principle (people who’ve risen to their level of incompetence). These are people who serve as huge barriers organizational success. They represent organizational friction that needs to be eliminated for any organization to reach full potential.

Most of all, I want this to be an interactive forum. A best way to learn and grow is to share, toss ideas back and forth and grow them, then use them to make things better.

So welcome. Hang on. Let’s get going.


  1. I am very interested in your process of leadership, communication, lean, and empowerment of your people. I hope to make it to one of your speaking events someday.

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