Connecting the Workplace to the Marketplace

Many organizations could improve results if their external and internal communication worked together to improve the customer experience. For this to work, internal communication would need to broaden its role. Some are doing that. I recently addressed a conference of business communication professionals on the role of a trusted advisor, a term used by David… Read more

Two Things Leader Coaches Do That Get Results

Like great athletes, entertainers and musicians, many leaders I’ve worked with are in constant pursuit of perfection. They often look to outside sources for perspective and advice. That’s what leadership coaches do. Two of the most important aspects of coaching leaders involves technique and self-awareness. Technique Technique is about the best ways to approach various… Read more

We’ve Made It Clear! No, You Haven’t!

Listen for it. They’re all saying it. Our rancorous politicians try to persuade us and each other that they’ve made perfectly clear what they haven’t. By saying, “We’ve made it clear,” they expect us to believe it. But we humble citizens know whether they’ve made something clear or not.  We’re pretty good at understanding reality…. Read more

First Line Leadership: High Quality Equals High Performance

Employee engagement and operating performance are directly tied to the relationship between first line leaders and their employees. Yet many organizations do a lousy job of selecting and developing first line leaders, whose employees can take organizations to unheard of heights. Why the lousy job? It takes time, energy, money and superior execution to produce… Read more

Stupid Rules

One of the best leaders I’ve worked with is Dave Rabuano who helped turn around Owens Corning’s flagship plant in Newark, Ohio.  Dave is a people guy, but he’s no softie. He gets big results. He began his turn-around listening to the operation’s 1,200-plus employees. He wanted to know what prevented them from being the… Read more

New Best Practice Video

Six years ago, the vice president of communication for ConAgra Foods and one of her bright, young communication team members asked me to help them take a bold step out of their traditional role. They wanted to shift their work from distributing news and information to improving real business results. Specifically, they wanted to help… Read more

Harvard Business Review: A good tool to have

I found this current  Harvard Business Review article entitled, “Are You Ready to Rebound” instructive. It focuses on identifying new opportunities to improve business execution through: Strong operational hydraulics Rewards for performance, not mediocrity Core values with teeth The right conversations Adventurous leaders in key positions Constant pressure versus heroic efforts It uses a straightforward and… Read more

Book Review: A Deliberate Pause (on entrepreneurship)

Larry Robertson, whose brain I’ve had the good fortune to pick from time to time, just published a new book, A Deliberate Pause.  The book  is far bigger than its 345 pages if you measure bigness by the quantity rich thinking and the number of ways it can be applied. Through elaborate research and delightful storytelling, Larry… Read more