Are You a High Performer? Check Here!

Do you consistently excel in every performance category that’s critical to your success?  If you do, you’ll continue reading because you’re obsessed with continuous improvement. If you’re not a high performer, you’ll read on because you want to become one or you’ll move on to something else because you’re comfortable with the state of mediocrity… Read more

Gaming For Excellence

How Businesses Use Games to Gain “Gamification” is a pretentious new buzzword for a practice that’s been around a long time–using games to generate solutions to business problems. People who use the term often do so breathlessly, as though they’ve discovered something truly unique. The Atlantic magazine actually called the term gamification “bullshit.”  I wouldn’t… Read more

Zap The Culture of Fear!

Answer the following questions to determine the level of fear in your organization: Are people in your organization afraid to admit their mistakes? Are they reluctant to open up in meetings but when the boss steps out for a phone call they can’t wait to get their opinions on the table? Is there an extreme… Read more

The Purest Form of Transparency

Why do business leaders talk a good game about being open and transparent, but do a half-assed job of it? Here’s how I see it, based on my working with leaders for 30-plus years.  Most have never seriously thought about openness or transparency, although they say they want to be totally open with their people…. Read more

Have a Trust Issue? Open the Books!

I took a client to open book management pioneer SRC Corporation last week. For them it was an eye opener. For me it was a reinforcement of what’s possible when a company shares vast amounts of the right information with its people. They make smarter decisions and take performance to unheard of heights. SRC has… Read more