Get It Together!

Why don’t people work together? Why don’t sales and production people work out the tension between inventories and on-time delivery?  Why don’t human resources and internal communication folks create and administer one employee survey instead of two?  Why don’t department heads with competing priorities work out their differences? Why do complex organizational matrices throw unnecessary… Read more

Congratulations to ITT for Winning Platinum

PR News announced that our client, ITT Corporation, won the 2010 Platinum Award for Internal Communication. The award recognizes the work we did in the company’s Texas Turbine Operation in Lubbock, Texas.  Courtney Reynolds led the effort for ITT. The project was focused on integrating the so-called hard and soft sides of lean to improve… Read more

Young Grads Need to Differentiate

I receive many resumes from recent or soon-to-be college graduates. Many are extremely bright kids from the best schools. They do a good job laying out what they’ve done before and during college, but almost all have a flaw that can be fatal in this economy. Let’s assume you and I are looking at the resume… Read more

Your Position Has Been Eliminated?

A professional at a client company with whom I had worked called the other day to tell me he was leaving  because his position had been eliminated. I knew better. I knew there was a performance issue related to this person. But, when he was told he must go, his manager used “your position has been… Read more