About the Jim Shaffer Group

Nail the execution.

Great organizations make sure they have the right business strategy.  But, what they really obsess over is the execution. We help our clients nail the execution.

Nailing the execution means  efficiently managing the energy of your people.  Making sure the right people with the right knowledge and skills do the right things at the right times.

We hear from business leaders when:

  • Employees are disconnected from the vision and strategic goals
  • Accidents and injuries are high or when quality, service and productivity are low
  • You need to transform the organization or introduce lean and six sigma
  • Leaders change
  • Daily execution needs a boost
  • You’re merging or acquiring

We use analytical rigor, lean and six sigma processes where appropriate. But we’ve learned over the years that these technical measures, formulas and processes need to be integrated with the cultural aspects of business. This includes strong leadership, open communication, high involvement, continuous learning and rewards and recognition that help drive performance upward. When the technical and cultural aspects of business–the hard and soft, if you will–work together, an organization gains both the mindset and tools to go to unheard of heights and stay there.