Discover how you can shift your work from creating low impact communication output to high impact business outcomes that truly make a difference to your organization. Details here.

    Here's a video that explains why managing communication for results makes sense. Watch the video.

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    FedEx Express needed to increase U.S. export volume in one of its largest US operations. By reducing silos between functions and aligning strategic goals and incentives, we helped increase volume by revenues by 23%, all with a 1,447% ROI.


It’s the people!

Most organizations are underpowered! They aren’t getting the most from their people. The results show it. We prove every day it doesn’t have to be that way. We help leaders:

  • Connect people and teams to goals and strategy
  • Improve business results that people can control—safety, quality, delivery and costs
  • Integrate the cultural and technical aspects of organizational change–including lean six sigma–to sustain improvements
  • Align goals, strategy, processes, people and culture to drive results
  • Re-invent the communication function to add greater measurable value

Watch This Video  We’ve been working with ConAgra Foods since 2006.  This video highlights our partnership with them to improve business results through stronger leaders, increased engagement, aligned organizational systems and processes as well as a performance- based approach to managing communication.  We helped them transform the corporate communication function into a high performance team that truly represents an industry model. They’ve done what every communication department needs to do–shift their focus from generating output to producing hard, measurable outcomes with a positive ROI.

Our results are hard and measurable.

We have

  • Reduced a manufacturer’s OSHA recordables by 82 percent
  • Increased a global shipper’s revenues by 23 percent while generating a 1,660 percent return on investment
  • Reduced damage by 65 percent at a large distribution center
  • Cut waste by 18 percent at an international baking company
  • Decreased cycle time by 74 percent at a building materials company
  • Lowered turnover by 27 percent at a consumer goods company

And on and on….

The Jim Shaffer Group’s focus is on improving work—and results—that people can control.  We help some of the world’s best organizations (and those that want to be among them) get even better.  Learn more…

jim | April 7, 2014

Learning the Value of “No”

I’m currently advising a large company that typifies almost every company I know, in one respect.  Everyone is busier than hell. Last week a 30-something woman framed it perfectly, “We spend most of our days in back-to-back and sometimes double and triple-booked meetings. Then we go home at night or on weekends and try to [...]

jim | January 15, 2014

Chasing Shiny, Bright Objects

One of my early consulting engagements was in Kansas City with a team of smart people from Hallmark. The team was charged with improving business processes that were critical to getting new products to market faster. The work took months off the process. It made the company more nimble, giving it a decided competitive edge. [...]

jim | December 17, 2013

Dooming Culture Change to Fail – 5 Common Mistakes

If I didn’t know better I’d be firmly convinced that many leaders get up in the morning and deliberately try to confuse the hell out of their employees. I’ve been guiding business leaders through major and minor change processes for more than 30 years. Some target the whole company; others focus on improving branch operations, [...]

jim | October 23, 2013

Where Have All the Leadership Role Models Gone?

The recent gutter fights between the President and leaders of Congress have given me plenty of presentation material. While players in Washington were fighting it out like school children (“It’s your fault! No, it’s your fault!”), I was addressing two different audiences on leadership. The Washington spectacle enabled me to say, “Here’s a situation that [...]

jim | September 10, 2013

The Purest Form of Transparency

Why do business leaders talk a good game about being open and transparent, but do a half-assed job of it? Here’s how I see it, based on my working with leaders for 30-plus years.  Most have never seriously thought about openness or transparency, although they say they want to be totally open with their people. [...]