It’s the people!

Most organizations are underpowered! They aren’t getting the most from their people. The results show it. We prove every day it doesn’t have to be that way. We help leaders:

  • Connect people and teams to goals and strategy
  • Improve business results that people can control—safety, quality, delivery and costs
  • Integrate the cultural and technical aspects of organizational change–including lean six sigma–to sustain improvements
  • Align goals, strategy, processes, people and culture to drive results
  • Re-invent the communication function to add greater measurable value

Our results are hard and measurable.

We have:

  • Reduced a manufacturer’s OSHA recordables by 82 percent
  • Increased a global shipper’s revenues by 23 percent while generating a 1,660 percent return on investment
  • Reduced damage by 65 percent at a large distribution center
  • Cut waste by 18 percent at an international baking company
  • Decreased cycle time by 74 percent at a building materials company
  • Lowered turnover by 27 percent at a consumer goods company

And on and on….

The Jim Shaffer Group’s focus is on improving work—and results—that people can control.  We help some of the world’s best organizations (and those that want to be among them) get even better. Learn more…

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